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OAA Resources

The OAA provides societies with various resources regarding governance, special funding and support. Here you will find information pertaining to the function of Ontario architectural societies such as the HBSA.

OAA Member Database

To provide services to the public as an architect in Ontario, a person must be licensed through the Ontario Association of Architects.  To search for Architects, Licensed Technologists OAA and Interns, see the link below.

OAA Architectural Societies Handbook

A guiding document for the day-to-day operation of the Ontario Association of Architects' Local Architectural Societies, as well as details regarding the governance of Local Societys and their relationship to the Association.

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OAA Open Council Packages

Listing of OAA Open Council Packages from 2019 to present.

OAA Meeting Minutes

Listing of OAA Open Meeting Minutes from 2019 to present.

Architects' Act

Government of Ontario's Architects Act

OAA Bylaws

OAA Bylaws Under the Architects Act (Revised 2022).

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