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Missing Middle Charrette

In early 2020 the Hamilton Burlington Society of Architects and the Carnegie Gallery partnered on the Missing Middle Housing Charrette out of a sense of urgency: home ownership in Hamilton and across the country was being set increasingly out of reach for a new generation. In the two years that have passed since, the world has changed in ways that no one could have imagined, and yet the problem of entry-level home ownership for millennials has only gotten worse.

Although the work presented in this publication was completed before the full impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic would be understood, the solutions being offered are timelier than ever. Re-imaging the diversity of urban areas to provide people their own homes, ample opportunities for socialization and a shared sense of community is needed now more than ever.

The work done by these dedicated teams explores a wide variety of solutions to address the problem of the Missing Middle.

Below are a few excerpts of the publication. Scroll down for a download link of the complete document.


In addition to the over 40 architects, allied professionals and artists who volunteered their time and expertise to explore innovative solutions for a very important issue, we'd like to thank our sponsors:

The Barber Atrium

For a complete copy of the document, click the file below.

Download PDF • 24.72MB


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